Friday, May 30, 2008

Importance of small business software

The year is 1970. Mr. Miller from Tennessee has a set up a small business unit. There are 3 employees working under him. The business is functioning very well and the profits are on the rise. The three guys are experts at multitasking and handle most of the business tasks amongst themselves. 36 years later, Mr. Miller’s company has grown. There are about 350 employees working under him now.

But in the last few years, competition has eroded the performance of his business the way rust eats into the best of metals. He can’t figure out the reason. He still follows the best business policies. He sonly has reasonable expectations and more importantly, he still relies on manpower for most of his business related work. A meeting with a business consultant reveals the reason about the lackluster performance of his business within 5 minutes. He has hired too many people for tasks which can be automated by using business software. But he always thought that business software was useful only for large companies.

The current scenario

The above mentioned scenario is a real life case study that has been taken from one of the many small business surveys that happens around America. It is surprising, yet true that many small businesses still rely on manpower for tasks like accounting, contact management, sales management, lead generation and marketing. Even the companies who have shifted towards software are using a patchwork of applications that are nothing but a mere excuse for automation. This, at a time when small business software is available for just about any kind of business is not just surprising. It is alarming.

The SMB software market

2 Years after Mr. Miller shifted to using one of the leading small business software solutions; his business is back where it always was. He has reduced his expenses by almost 45% and the profits are on the rise. The business is more productive now and his team is working under one common platform that syncs all departments of his company. Are you like Mr. Miller and unaware of the benefits of using small business software?


Phyllis said...

It is an old thought that software are just for big enterprises. Many have been left in the gray area, thinking that it would just caused them much and will have low productivity if they will include some software such as inventory software solution and manufacturing business software. This is the time for most companies to try technology. Technology is now the new partner to success.

Clark Adams said...

Most business owners didn't know that a business software could be a lifesaving tool for their business. The fact that you can reduce your expenses is a good idea, since with that budget, you can spend it on other important things like expanding your business. If you're choosing which software tol use, you should do a background check and think what will happen, if you choose that software.

Clark Adams

scarlet reynolds said...

Knowing where the money is coming from and going is essential to running your business. That's why it is good to find out which small business accounting software is best for you to help you run a well organized and efficient small business.